The true spirit of the laboratory
is the craftsmanship of the highest quality
to prepare the garment characterized
by an excellent craft, careful,
research and experimentation.

The CREATIVITY in inventing new thing, the ART of knowing how to do WELL

The singularity of the material is a value added and compared to that which is the strength of the company represented by long tailoring experience applied to the working of the knitted cloth: a very difficult material to model, above all in quality and for its effect of its extreme dynamism. Our working strategies have enabled us to give a better dimensional stability to a naturally stretch material. We are able to make more elaborated articles keeping to our best quality: perfection ,style, comfort and practicality. Coats ,jackets, dresses, trousers, skirts and suits for ceremonies even a bridal wear are all made entirely by jersey: THE JERSEY STRUCTURE.



All the articles are carefully thought out, designed and created in the factory from the sample prototype until the production and final delivery. Cut one by one, sewn and shaped by expert and meticulous hands. In mass-production it is impossible to apply these handworks. In spite of this, the following different collections with new challenges always, imposes a continuing research and favours the development of the sui generis method that allows us to prepare perfectly identical articles to each other responding to the needs of all the boutiques and showrooms that require consistency in sizes and measures .We are also able to accommodate the request of private customers who require a knit garment, designed and ad hoc woven, made to a measure.