The archetype of knitted processing
in extensible thread and comfortable by nature
capture the role of queen buying "STRUCTURA"

The jersey takes STRUCTURE

Made directly in the company on tricot looms, the thread is interwoven in the most varied combinations by generating many points with different density in the function of the manufactured article to be carried out. Assisted by a unique steam finishing system that gives stability size, this valuable and sophisticated processing gives origin to a hybrid material that combines the best features of cloth with those of tricot: the regularity and closely packed of the first together with the pliability and pleasantness to touch typical of the jersey.



 In the winter version using 100% extra fine merino wool and in the summer version
   with 100% Mak√≤ Gasato cotton, we like to use other natural materials such as silkor
      leather that enrich our collection of details, overlays, and fine inserts.

         Hard stones, semiprecious metals resins and ceramics can be coordinated accessories:
            elements with their respective peculiarities contribute to the achievement of an absolute
               and unique final product.